House Shamzadan

Primary Race: DrowShamzadan.jpg

Sword: Black

Location: Maeralyn

Chivalric Order: Knights of the Spinner

Allies: Huum, Vendol, Perelle

Enemies: Almaren, Wexin, Nevarth

House Shamzadan has sat in the Estate of Swords before, and has even ruled as the Imperial House, but has only recently regained a seat on the Estate of Swords after the disappearance of House Banther. They tend to be a secretive house as Drow are not fond of outsiders. They sit on the council mostly to be sure that things are not going against them in the government.
The tension between house Shamzadan and house Almaren has been mounting due to a number of open shares of Orbuculum. The Shamzadan are advocating for more shares, and the Almaren are blocking.

Matron Shimyra

The leader of the Shamzadan is known for her lucrative business as a secrets broker. Many believe she uses her sexuality to buy and sell secrets, though this is not exactly the case. Shimyra uses her looks, often dressing provocatively, but seems not to bed any of her suiters. Many other rumors circulate behind Shimyra’s back, but often these rumors stay hushed as people fear what secrets she may know.


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