House Taguan

Primary Race: Tabaxi Leonin Taguan.jpg

Sword: Blue

Location: The Jungle

Chivalric Order: Order of the Green Eye

Allies: Dunkarra, Almaren, Ocour

Enemies: Oncilla, Kreon, Hokobyan, Banther

House Taguan is one of the three feline houses. The tabaxi Leonin dominate this house, but there are many tabaxi of all castes. The Taguan keep to the caste system of their race enforcing all the rules that have long ensured the castes are kept separate.
With the disappearance of house Banther, the Taguan are alert. The Second Feline War did not end well for them and the Banther had no reason to leave the council after the death of Lynxis III. Even so, they have begun to target house Oncilla in the council as they are the last remaining tabaxi house that does not hold to the caste system.

Countess Serval XXIV

The Countess is an imposing woman, even without her feline attributes, or armored headdress. Serval believes the caste system extends beyond the tabaxi to all races, and that the tabaxi leonine are on the top. This leads her to look down on all other races, even though the emperor himself is human. She has a special hatred, as all of her family have, for non-caste tabaxi.


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