House Vendel

Primary Race: Humans Vendol.png

Sword: Red

Location: Torin

Chivalric Order: Order of the Scorpion

Allies: Taguan, Jadod, Perelle

Enemies: Kreon, Kadmos, Zukta

For a millennium the Vendel and the Kreon were known for their honor and their friendship. The houses were close allies, even having intermarried. When Vulcan I came to power and began the Dark Times, house Kreon simply could not maintain the connection. The Vendel consider the Kreon traitors due to this move. The fact that the Kreon rebuilt the Remnants and repealed many of the Vendel laws further drove a rift between the houses.
House Vendel since the Dark Times has garnered a reputation for cruelty and guile. Though slavery is banned in the Imperium the Vendel are known to flaunt this law with an indentured servant system. Often these servants are slaves taken on raids by pirates and sold into servitude. The prisoners sign the contracts hoping to escape the short life of a pirate slave and instead lead hard lives toiling for the Vendel.
Though they have never been close before the Vendel and the Dunkarra seem to be forming some kind of alliance. This has many on the council worried.

Baron Joseph IV

The baron is a brooding man some ten years younger than Archduke Kreon. His imposing frame intimidates, a trait Joseph uses to his advantage as often as he can. It is will known that Joseph covets the Wyrm Throne and has been lobbying to be elected the next Emperor. The popularity of Giles in that race has galled Joseph. Giles’ superior swordsmanship also is a thorn in Joseph’s side. The pair have dueled twice and Joseph definitively lost both times. His signature sword is a great sword.


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