Zukta.pngh1. House Zukta

Primary Race: Humans

Sword: Brass

Location: Fujin

Chivalric Order: Order of the Blossom

Allies: Kreon, Crull, Sindri

Enemies: Vendel, Kashan, Ocour

House Zukta seems odd to most people on the Remnants. This is due to the fact that the Zukta culture descends from an ancient empire before the breakup, one that was far to the east of the other known cultures. They tend to see things a bit differently. They have a deep sense of honor, making them allies with the Kreon. Their knights call themselves samurai, and have a strict code they follow which includes suicide for dishonoring the house.
The Zukta tend to not play the political game as much as observe and advise. They have remained a major house due to the specific outlook they place on power and conflict. Often houses who wish to oppose house Zukta discover that the Zukta are a step ahead.

Shugo Kiyra X

Empress Kiyra III (Kiyra VIII before she became Empress) was said to be the most beautiful woman in the Remnants. Kiyra X, the Empress’s great great granddaughter, seems to have inherited Kiyra III’s looks. That being said, Kiyra also demonstrates a keen sense of leadership and great intelligence. Though she has had a line of courters, she brushes them off and diligently works to better the condition of her house, and those her house is allied to. Though many call for her to marry and produce an heir, Kiyra has dismissed the notion in favor of her work.


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