Airship Syndicate

Airship Syndicate

Races: All Airship_syndicate.png

Location: The Hub

Allies: Dragon Emperor, many of the Great Houses

Enemies: Tarresque Claw (rumored), Maelstrom Pirates, the Brotherhood, the Ocour

The Syndicate began shortly after the discovery of the Shard Engines. A number of keen opportunists recognized that with a monopoly on the engines they could make a huge profit as the only way, aside from dragons and their kind, to travel between the fragments. When the inevitable did come and the Emperor demanded they relinquish the plans for the engine, or lower prices, the Syndicate instead cut the Imperial seat, and some of the Major houses, in for a piece of the profits. Between the Syndicate and the Shard Mining, the major houses make considerable wealth.
Over the years the Syndicate has learned to keep prices reasonable so that people can travel between the Fragments. Their main base of operations, a disk shaped fragment called the Hub, houses a massive airship fleet, as well as being the only place to have the secret to the engines. A few have attempted to attack at take the plans, but few have succeeded.
In recent years an upswing in smuggling by the Brotherhood and the Ocour have worried the Syndicate some.

Commodore Donald Reynolds

A brash and daring man, Donald Reynolds leads the Airship Syndicate with an air of bravado. Though his guild is seeing a dip in profits, he seems not to worry. His favorite past time is hunting pirates on his custom airship.

Airship Syndicate

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