House Bojan

Primary Race: Humans

Sword: NA Bojan.jpg

Location: Serin

Chivalric Order: Order of the Flaming Bird

Allies: Kreon, Xerxes

Enemies: Ocour, Vendel

The fall of the Bojan is an enigma. They were a powerful member of the Estate of Daggers until Ecard V took the throne. On some questionable charges he had the house stripped of status and exiled.
Before the fall, the Bojan were involved in a number of skirmishes with the Ocour, who have long been a hated enemy. Some believe this feud had some baring the Emperor’s choice, as the Ocour have found some Imperial favor.
Elizabeth Bojan has only recently ascended to lead her house after her father’s death. Along with her Master of Assassins, a tabaxi pardos named Qualmi the Red, and an intrepid pirate captain named Micah Karaz, Elizabeth has been able to reclaim the Serin fragment from house Ocour who occupied it after the Bojan fell. Elizabeth now works with passion to restore her house and clear the charges of demon worship and treason.

Marquis Elizabeth

A young, but capable leader, Elizabeth has won the affection of her people in taking back Serin. Elizabeth has spent some time in the Imperial City gathering support for her cause. She has met with a good deal of resistance from some. Though she is in danger of being arrested, the imperial guards have kept their distance as Qualmi the Red is always with her.


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