House Brillyn

Primary Race: Iron Dwarves Brillyn.png

Sword: Iron

Location: The Rock

Chivalric Order: Knights of the Iron Hammer

Allies: Þuran, Kadmos, Hokobyan

Enemies: Almaren, Urau’auk, Jadod

The iron dwarves of house Brillyn are considered the best weapon smiths in the Remnants. They mine what metal is left from The Rock and do a lot of trading to get iron, copper, zink, silver, gold and other metals to then make weapons and armor. They have not yet perfected a way to create Wyrmsteel, but only the Brillyn have the knowledge to repair old Wyrmnsteel weapons, or to turn Wyrmsteel scraps into weapons.
The Brillyn have a tight alliance with the Hokobyan who share their somewhat stoic outlook on life, as well as their commitment to honor and valor.

Jarl Torkwin Goldbeard

Like all iron dwarves, Torkwin is quiet and stoic. He tends to be tall even for an iron dwarf, but has a gentle demeanor that sometimes lulls his enemies into thinking he is weak. Torkwin attends Balvar’s parties, but tends to only drink in moderation. Torkwin became Jarl due to the unfortunate death of the heir of the Bloodaxe clan, who had ruled for three centuries.


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