House Dasyra

Primary Race: Gray ElvesDasyra.png

Sword: NA

Location: Mitheska

Chivalric Order: Knights of the White Hart

Allies: Nevarth

Enemies: Almaren

The entire story surrounding the Dasyra’s fall is tied into the Arcane Wars, meaning that it is a mystery how the house fell after ruling during that time. The gray elves of the house are a bit of a mystery. They tend to dabble in the arcane a lot, and a few individuals have been known to dabble in demonology. Some believe they may be a drow bloodline, others believe they are the elven equivalent of teiflings. Either way, they remain a mystery, as does the house’s fall, and survival as a dead house.

Prince Uial II

Uial is a tall elf who almost seems imbued with arcane power. He is one of the few people that Archmagus Elion Almaren seems to be wary of. Uial rarely comes to the Imperial City, when he does it is to barter for his house.


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