Destreza Swordmasters

Class: Fighter Destreza.gif

Architypes: Battle Master, bladesingers

Races: All

Location: Zegreem

Allies: Heahbeadu

Enemies: NA

The Destraza swordmasters are one of the oldest academies on the Remnants. They predate the cataclysm itself, though during the demon occupation they were dormant. Once the Council of Wyrms was established an elf graduate of the school started it back up which means they favor speed and finesse over brute strength. They train master swordsmen who go on to work for the major houses. Despite the name, the Destraza are trained in a range of weapons and combat styles.
Zegreem, the fragment where the Destraza school is located, is a smaller fragment that also has a large city that sits on the shores of a lake. Zegreem city profits from the school as they bring in many tourists.
Along with martial skills, Destraza also must learn and follow a code of honor. This code is quite detailed and explains how to treat allies and enemies on the field of battle, as well as a large number of tactics. Destraza that violate this code too often are stripped of their titles.
Though they are a rival school, there is little animosity between the Destraza and the Heahbeadu schools. They each focus on different styles of combat, as well as have different codes of honor. Every few years the schools assemble their students for a friendly competition to see who the most effective martial school is. No school has dominated these competitions.

Grandmaster Viansola

Viansola has been Grandmaster for a century. As an elf she is likely to continue for another century or two at least. Her leadership keeps the school focused on training the best swordmasters in the Remnants.
She did take a sabadical for three years to train the then heir of the Kreon House, Giles. Many believe this is one of the reasons he is considered the best swordsman in the Remnants. It is worth noting, Giles and Viansola have not sparred since he completed her training. No one is sure who in fact is better.


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