The Heahbeadu (The Scarred, The Marked)

Class: Fighter Heahbeadu.jpg

Architypes: Battle Master, Champion

Races: All

Location: The Bulwark

Allies: Destraza

Enemies: NA

Started by Rorthin, a dwarf Destraza swordmaster who disliked the distinctly elven focus of the school, the Heahbeadu school focuses on power and defense. The code of honor, while sharing many points with the Destraza, also deviates in many maters of strategy. Overall neither school is superior to the other, and the great houses hire soldiers, and Masters of Arms from both schools.
When a Heahbeadu has reached the rank of journeyman (level 3) they are marked with a dwarven rune. When the school first started this rune was carved into the skin of the student, usually on the shoulder. This lead many to call Heahbeadu students The Scarred, as it was easier to say. The scaring tradition has changed, students now can choose a scar, a brand, or a tattoo. The main issue is that it is permanent. Students receive many marks as they progress in the school, some for rank, some for achievements, and some for relations. These marks are always the same type as the first one, which lead many students to choose tattoos. As scarring has fallen on the wayside many now call members of the school The Marked.
The school sits on a medium sized fragment called the Bulwork due to its rocky environment. There are some patches of trees and a small stream, but the bulk of the fragment is a vast filed of broken rock.

Grandmaster Reddik Vin

The human Reddik Vin is only the third non-dwarf to run the Heahbeadu. Many believe he was raised by dwarves due to his stoic and rugged nature. Reddik instead joined the house at 16 and has been studying ever since. He is one of the few recent students to choose to be scarred. His rune scars run the length of both arms and connect across his back and chest.


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