House Kadmos

Primary Race: HumansKadmos.png

Sword: NA

Location: Birnam

Chivalric Order: Knights of the Stallion

Allies: Kreon, Xerxes, Zukta

Enemies: Perelle, Jadod

The Kadmos have been an Imperial house. They fell from power after the Second War of the Houses, and were working on regaining it. They petitioned, along with house Perelle, to move back into the Estate of Blades following House Shamzadan’s move to the Estate of Swords. The Kadmos won the petition, but the Perelle attacked and occupied Birnam taking the dragon blade and the position.
Presently the Kadmos are a house under occupation. There is a sizable resistance, funded partially by house Kreon and Xerxes. This resistance has kept a constant stream of insurrections going which keeps the Perelle occupied so they cannot advance their aims in the parliament. Recently the Resistance took back a fortress in the mountains of Birnam giving them a potent foothold near the capitol.

Laird Conall

The Laird is something of a legend on Burnam. He makes sure that the resistance does not harm the people of Birnam, even those Perelle commoners who have relocated. In fact he often works to ensure that all those suffering under the Perelle get something to help.
This legendary status is compounded by the fact he is a Fang of Vere Celon, an eldritch knight capable of amazing sword play and powerful magic. The Laird also wields two magic blades. The stories say he single handedly stormed the fortress of Inverness where the resistance is now based.


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