House Kashan

Primary Race: Humans Kashan.png

Sword: Crystal

Location: Qadesh

Chivalric Order: Order of the Sphynx

Allies: Xerxes, Almaren, Sindri

Enemies: Zukta, Merkum, Turok

Based on Qadesh, a large dessert fragment, the Kashan descend from an ancient pre-Shattereing culture who made their home in the Qadesh dessert. The Kashan primarily rely on a trade of spices and herbs for wealth, as they have few shares of Orbuculum.

Shah Haquim II

Haquim is a young man with an appetite for food, drink, and women. Even with his four wives, and a harem, he continues to flirt with any woman, of any race. Rumor has it he has sired a number of half-elves and even a half-orc or two. Recent court gossip has Haquim lusting after Melisande of house Quade.


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