Kosh’Dakeen Brotherhood

Class: Monk Koshdakeen.png

Archetypes: Way of the Open Hand, Way of the Four Elements

Races: All

Location: The Mountain

Allies: The Ravan

Enemies: NA

Based on a small fragment called The Mountain that consists of nothing but a large mountain, the Kosh’Dakeen brotherhood is the most well-known and prolific monk school in the Remnants. They follow the teachings of Kosh, their founder. Kosh despised the use of weapons and founded the Brotherhood as a way to teach others how to fight without weapons. Over time the injunction against weapons has loosened, but a Kosh’dakeen who chooses to use weapons is often considered inferior. Kosh Set down a set of mandates that a Kosh’Dakeen monk is expected to follow.

• Do not eat the flesh of animals, fur they are impure.
• Never walk directly into the wind. This is a sign of ignorance. Remember the story of the man who chose to fight the wind instead of run for shelter. He was killed because he opposed a force of nature.
• Do not drink alcohol for it poisons the body and slows the reflexes.
• Never turn your back on an elder. It shows disrespect, and contempt for the knowledge they have gained over the years.
• Always show honor to your opponents, if they are intelligent.
• Only kill an opponent (not a target) if he forces it.
• Do not be afraid to concede in a fight.

Master Hrothgar

The Kosh’Dakeen master is a powerful follower of the Way of the Open Hand. This dwarf has applied the teachings of the Kosh’Dakeen to his own dwarven battle prowess and in doing so homed his body into a living weapon. He is said to be able to turn even Wyrmsteel blades with just his bare skin.
The Master now lives in the Kosh’Dakeen temple training those who he sees as potentials, no matter their race or their ability when they come to him.


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