Maelstrom Pirates

The Maelstrom PiratesPirates.png

Races: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Allies: NA

Enemies: Airship Syndicate

The Maelstrom Pirates have been around as long as the shard engines have. The first few pirates stole airships with engines in them, and then began smuggling shards and looting cargo ships. There are in fact many pirate bands, but the Maelstrom Pirates are the largest and most aggressive. The Airship Syndicate is the only major force that works to oppose the pirates, though they often come up short.

Captain Yusies

Yusies is a tiefling who was born to piracy, or so the story goes. In fact there are many legends about Yusies, some of which she started herself. Regardless of her origins, Yusis now seems to be the head pirate in charge of the Maelstrom pirates, though even that might be a rumor she started.

Maelstrom Pirates

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