House Malos

Primary Race: Humans Malos.png

Sword: NA

Location: Asuni

Chivalric Order: Order of the White Sails

Allies: Vendel, Huum

Enemies: Kreon, Kadmos

House Malos lost a War of Assassins against House Kreon just before the rise of the Cult of Life. They were attempting to gain control of a fragment long under Kreon control. After the Cult of Life was put down the house simply did not have enough resources to remain a parliament house. The Kadmos soon were granted control over Asuni.
In the last fifty years house Malos has been able to gather enough power to retake Asuni from the Kadmos, and to continue a series of raids against the Kadmos and the Kreon. They have mostly stopped harassing the Kadmos after the Perelle occupation, but continue to disrupt Kreon trade. No one is sure how much longer Archduke Giles will tolerate the Malos raids.

Tribune Malik II

Malik is a young and brash leader, full of his abilities and his rank. He believes that both house Kadmos and house Kreon are traitors to the Throne through their actions over the last 400 years. His men love him, but many who are not part of the Order of the White Sails see him as a spoiled brat.


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