House Nevarth Nevarth.jpg

Primary Race: Wood Elves

Sword: Wyld

Location: Quennya

Chivalric Order: Knights of the Branch

Allies: Almaren, Oncilla, Tomar

Enemies: Shamzadan, Brillyn, Ocour

Less “civilized” than their high elf cousins in house Almaren, the wild elves of Nevarth nonetheless radiate the cultured elven demeanor. The house maintains a number of fragments all with wild places. Along with the druids and rangers of the Wyld Guardians they protect the wild from those who seek to develop the fragments for agriculture or settlement.

Duchess Megil V

Megil is a relatively young elf to be ruling a house, but her mother was killed at an early age by an as yet unidentified assassin. Megil’s main objective has been to track down her mother’s killer to bring them to justice.


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