House Oncilla

Primary Race: Tabaxi Pardos Oncilla.png

Sword: Emerald

Location: Scear

Chivalric Order: Knights of the Fang

Allies: Banther, Turok, Wexin

Enemies: Taguan, Jadod, Malos

Oncilla is the only feline house left that is non-caste. They were staunch allies of the Banther, though the Oncilla do hold to a more structured society than the Banther did. Instead of castes, the different breeds of tabaxi end up mostly in different classes. This is more a function of custom than of the ridged caste system of the Taguan.
With house Banther gone the Oncilla recognize they are vulnerable to an Taguan attempt at absorbing the house. They have made an unlikely alliance with house Turok to try and bolster their military prowess and fend off a Taguan incursion.

Sovereign Pallas IV

Once a high ranking member of the Knights of the Fang, Pallas, the second son of Sovereign Dorical II, became the heir after his brother died in a hunting accident. Pallas carried the nobility of the Knights of the Fang with him into the council chambers. His nobility has caught the attention of a few of the major houses.


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