House Quade Quade.png

Primary Race: Tieflings

Sword: Sun

Location: Delanji

Chivalric Order: Order of the Golden Flame

Allies: Wexin, Zukta, Turok

Enemies: Jadod, Vendel, Malos

The Quade are a small but formidable house of tieflings. They petitioned and were accepted into the Parliament after the fall of house Dasyra. Like all of the younger houses, the Quade want a wealth in the form of Orbuculum shares. They also want to stop the negative steriotypes of tieflings.
Though they are dominated by tieflings, the Quade accept any who want to join meaning a number of half-breeds who for some reason do not want to joing house Wexin join house Quade. Even with that issue, the Quade and Wexin are close allies. There have been rumors they plan to unite.

Countess Melisande

Melisande has a reputation as being more of a royal courtesan than a counselor. She has bedded half the council at least. Gender and race do not seem to be an issue either. Dispite her somewhat low reputation, she has proved to be an able politician, maneuvering her house into a better position to gain shares.
One rumor is that her permiscuity is in fact a way to discover secrets she can then use to blackmail those in power. This is still just a rumor. As she has been seen with Arogar of house Wexin often in the last few months the rumors of a union between the houses also speak of a marriage.


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