Shardminers Guild

Shardminers’ Guild

Races: Shard Gnomesshardminers.png

Location: The World Stone

Allies: The Tarresque Claw (rumored)

Enemies: Airship Syndicate

The Shardminers’guild was started by the Shard Gnomes in order to receive more wealth from the Shards, as well as to protect their home on the World Stone. Shard mining is hard enough without the draining effects of the shards, and as the gnomes are immune, they are the best candidates for the job. Some non-gnomes do work in the mines, donning special suits to protect them from the shards.
The guild did have an uphill battle to getting recognition from the Emperor and the Parliament, but when the miners went on strike the Emperor was forces to deal with them. They know have a sizable number of shares in Orbuculum and protection for their homes.


Lusine is one of the few non-gnomes to mine shards. She is a hodekin who at a young age was drawn to the World Stone. Though she has spent many years in the mines, the Guild noticed she had a head for politics and so began to use her as an emissary to outside interests. She rose through the ranks quickly, and has taken over as the face of the Guild to the outside world. The Guild itself is ruled by a council of miners.

Shardminers Guild

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