House Sindri

Primary Race: Humans

Sword: Sapphire sindri.png

Location: Harlin

Chivalric Order: Elephant Knights

Allies: Ocour, Kashan, Jadod

Enemies: Huum, Turok, Crull

The Sindri are the only house to openly follow the old gods. This stems from the fact that their traditions before the Shattering were maintained. Of their traditions, one that stands out is that they follow a strict caste system. Though not as strict as the Taguan, a Sindri born to famers will always be a farmer.
The Sindri also host one of the few monasteries on the Remnants, the Ravan temple.

Raja Sarawuk

Sarawuk is a Ravan monk who applies the teachings of the Ravan to his politics. Though he is considered a noble man, some of the Sindri’s recent political moves have people questioning how noble Sarawuk truly is. Though he has only entered the dueling circle once, he defeated Burgrave Torrin of house Crull without a blade.


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