Smaller Guilds

Along with the large guilds listed above, there are a number of smaller thieves, assassin, mercenary, smugglers and pirate guilds around the Remnants. Many of these only have influence over one or two fragments. The politics between these guilds is almost as complicated as the politics on the Parliament floor.
Parties interested in hiring a shady character often make their way to Xelona. There most of the rogues’ guilds have agents that a party can contact to hire a thief, assassin, spy, or even a small army. These agents will work outside the influence of their respective guild for the coin.

Thieves’ Guilds

Guild of Blunt Force BFG.png

The Guild of Blunt Force, or BFG, lack a degree of finesse found in the other guilds. Though they are capable of sensitive operations, they are best suited to mugging and smash and grab style operations.

The Guild of Varlets, Cutpurses, and Mendicants varlets.png

One of the oldest guilds, the Varlets specialize in confidence man style operations, scheming and tricking people out of their wealth. This does not mean they lack skill in cat-burglary, pick-pocketing, or even assassination, they simply have a specialty.

Fraternity of Shadows Shadows.png

This guild specializes in cat-burglary, specifically those operations that require a great deal of climbing. They enjoy the challenge of getting into places that are difficult.

Order of Samaritans Samaratins.png

These ironically named thieves work confidence jobs, almost as well as the Varlets. They do, more than the other guilds, have a sense of honor and have been known to do pro-bono work for operations where the targets are oppressive and rich.

Sorority of Silence Silence.png

Known as the quietest guild, this all female group works hard to keep their reputation as the Sisters of Silence. Though the Velvet Slippers would like to take this away from them. The two groups are often in contention.

h2. Velvet Slippers Slippers.png

As their name suggests, the Velvet Slippers specialize in operations where a quiet touch is needed. They are not as good as the Sorority of Silence, but they get the job done.

Assassin Guilds

Dark Blades Dark_blades.png

This group comes out of house Zukta, they often refer to themselves as ninja. They excel at assassinations where subtlety and darkness are required.

Kindjals kindjal.png

Originally a unit under house Kreon, the Kindjals opted to leave the house and go independent. They do, however, refuse any jobs that target House Kreon.

Nightshades nightshade.png

The Nightshades specialize in poison work. All members are highly trained apothecaries as well as assassins.

Subtle Knives Subtle.jpg

These assassins specialize in close in knife work over distance. They are somewhat feared for their shady ways.

Mercenary Bands

Blood Ravens Blood_Ravens.png

Second only to the Hounds in size, the Blood Raves are a potent army in the right hands. They do have more versatility than the Hounds, though not as much as the Broken Blade.

Furies Furies.png

This all female unit is small, but potent. They are better suited to special “black-ops” style operations than the other mercenary bands.

Order of the Broken Blade broken_blade.png

One of the more popular bands, the order of the broken Blade began as an adventurers’ group and grew into a small mercenary band. They have a number of specialists making them highly versatile.

Owen’s Hounds Owen_s_Hounds.png

The Hounds are the largest mercenary band, though they are comprised almost exclusively of foot soldiers and cavalry. They are not as versatile as the Broken Blade, but offer numbers enough to be considered a small army.

Yamabushi Yamabushi.png

Originating with house Zukta, the Yamabushi have a strict code of honor they follow. This does mean they will refuse missions that would conflict with their code, but they will always complete a job if they take it.

Pirate/Smuggler Bands

Bonemen bonemen.png

The Bonemen are perhaps the most feared pirates, outside of the Maelstrom Pirates. The Bonemen are brutal, leaving no survivors. Thankfully they are a small band who only take on jobs on occasion.

Ebon Hawks Ebon_hawk.png

One of the more mysterious pirate bands, the Ebon Hawks have only a few ships, but they have an uncanny ability to sneak up on their targets.

Griffins Griffin.png

The largest pirate band, save for the Maelstrom Pirates, the Griffins keep in business by undercutting the Maelstrom Pirates. They will always lower their prices to beat out the price of the Maelstrom Pirates

Hummingbirds humming.png

The Hummingbird Pirates pride themselves on speed. Their ships are said to be the fastest in Xelona. They often take smuggling jobs as piracy itself does not require speed as often.

Smaller Guilds

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