House Thebias

Primary Race: HumansThebias.png

Sword: NA

Location: Dilluz Major and Dilluz Minor

Chivalric Order: Order of the Dancing Feather

Allies: Kreon

Enemies: Vendel

Technically house Thebias is a vassal house of the Kreon; however, the Kreon all but ignore the house. The Autarch controls both Dilluz Major and Dilluz Minor, and even appears on the Imperial City to deal with issues of her house. They pay a nominal tribute to the Kreon who, if needed, will protect the house.
The Thebias are the only non-Savage House that follows the Way of the Spirits, an animistic religion that believes everything and everyone has a spirit, and that those spirits have power to affect the world.

Autarch Marrin

Marrin was raised as a druid, but has since left the fold to become the ruler of the Thebias. She has continued her studies in magic both divine and arcane. As she is not a part of the major political machine, she only rarely makes it to the Imperial City, and often leaves as soon as she can.


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