House Urghash

Primary Race: Orcs Urghash.png

Sword: NA

Location: Orcholm

Chivalric Order: Knights of the Eye

Allies: Jadod

Enemies: Hokobyan

After the end of the Second War of the Houses, the Urghash were hunted and killed almost to a man. Orcs still lived, or moved, to Orcholm, and in time one warlord claimed the leadership of house Urghash. Since then a number of warlords have fought to claim the untitled position. Until they demonstrait they pose some kind of threat, the parliament is conent to let the orcs posture.


Kor is the latest orc warlord to claim leadership of house Urghash. So far he has some tough opposition, but has been able to beat back those who would kill him for the position. Kor is large even for an orc, and has a keen mind for battle.


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