Class: Wizard

Archetypes: All

Races: All

Location: The Sunstar

Allies: The Cabal, Thaumatists

Enemies: The Cult of Life, The Cult of Gorboko, Vendel

The Whitecloaks are a guild of wizards who follow the path of good. They were formed during Gorboko’s reign as a force to push against the demon lord. They were part of the Coalition, and were granted the fragment known as the Sunstar as a reward for their services. They stayed neutral in the Wars of the Houses and the Feline Wars, but did fight against the Vendel, and the Wyrm Tyrant. Many believe they were a major faction in the Arcane Wars as well.
Though they exclude sorcerers and warlocks, the Cabal and the Thaumatists are allies, though only just. The Crimson Magi hold a grudge with the Whitecloaks for their purist attitudes about magic.

Arcane Lady Eshe Kirabo

Eshe Kirabo is a potent wizard who follows the teachings of Bahamut. This discipline has allowed her to become a potent enemy of evil in the Remnants. She has a particular hatred for the Cult of Life due to the fact they killed and resurrected her parents. She has sworn to eliminate the Cult from the Remnants, and the Whitecloaks are behind her on her quest for vengeance.


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