Wyld Guardians

Wyld Guardians

Class: All (mostly Druids and Rangers)Wyld_Guardians.png

Archetypes: All

Races: All

Location: Quennya

Allies: Nevarth

Enemies: Vendel

The Wyld Guardians are a group of people who seek to protect the remaining wilderness from development and intrusion. They are composed mostly of druids and rangers, though some other classes join as well. They have a small political branch who works in the parliament to seek protection for the wild places, but many of them are scattered about the fragments fighting against incursions, most often against goblinoids who want to move in and strip the land of resources.

Guardian Thadras Duskwind

Thadras is a wood elf from house Nevarth who took up the ranger’s mantel to protect a forested fragment near his home fragment from a settler’s ship. He has remained a staunch supporter of the wild places and appears as often in the parliament as he does in the deep woods of the fragments.

Wyld Guardians

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