The Wyrmblades

Class: Paladin, Fighterwyrmblades.png

Architypes: Purple Knight (fighter), All Paladin oaths

Races: All

Location: The Imperial City

Allies: Platinum Knights

Enemies: Cult of Gorboko, Cult of Life

The Wyrmblades are a diverse order of paladins and knights that follow the Wyrm Lords and the Wyrm Gods. They claim, though no one has tested them, that they would not follow an order from the Emperor if a Wyrm Lord or Wyrm God said otherwise. The Wyrmblades are as diverse as those they follow, taking a number of different oaths and interpreting good and evil in their own way.
The Wyrmbladdes barracks, which includes the training facilities, is located on the Imperial City, near the Temple of the Wyrm Gods.

Lord Jace Midden

Jace follows the idea of the Wyrm Gods themselves, not choosing to follow a single one. He has distinguished himself in battle many times, and he has a special hatred for the Cult of Gorboko, as they seek to bring the demon who shattered the world back


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